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Weekend Read: Huge Demand for Lumia 920 confirmed, Sold outs and Best selling performances roundup.


This week was beaming with many great signs about Lumia 920’s huge demand in most of the markets where it has already been launched and also in some of the markets where it was launched now or has gone on pre-order. We saw Carriers confirming great demand for Lumia 920 as well as buyers almost looting Lumia 920 on launch. Apart from that news of sold outs and chartbusting sales performances were also reported by us.

First up Hong Kong, where all 7000 units of Lumia 920 vanished without a trace, leaving many high and dry. Celebs took to Web declaring their love for Lumia 920.

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Next up France, In one more confirmation to the huge demand for Lumia 920, Orange France confirmed that Lumia 920 being “out of stock” is due to demand and not due to supply issues as many biased “doubting Thomases” would like to make you believe.

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Next up Netherlands, where Lumia 920 has just gone on pre-order. Many retailers confirmed that demand for Lumia 920 is equal or better than demand of iPhone 5 in the first week itself. Sign of huge demand yet again.

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Next up Italy, where Lumia 920 has become difficult to find out. The last retailer to had it in stock was TIM, where it vanished in one day after reporting. It got sold out at official Nstore as well for the fourth time perhaps and there is no sign of stock coming soon.

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Next up China, where Lumia 920 held 1st to 4th rank at Expansys.com in top 20 pre-order list.

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Strong sales performance of Lumia 920 continued in UK and USA. In UK all three colors of Lumia 920 sold out at Clove even before the stock arrived.

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USA saw Black and Cyan going “out of stock” for the second time due to strong “Black Friday” sales. Then Yellow went out of stock as well and Black arrived in the stock for the third time. Currently Cyan and Yellow remain out of stock as well.

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Lumia 920 in all colors was sold out at Walmart as well and the price was raised to $119.99.

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