Nokia is in talks to make Everything Everywhere, the U.K.’s largest mobile operator, exclusive U.K. launch partner for the flagship smartphones Lumia 920, which will run on the group’s 4G network, the Financial Times in London reported Saturday. A potential November launch is expected , around the time Everything Everywhere is expected to open the country’s first 4G network, it added. So, First we learnt from Reuters about an early November launch for Lumia 920 in Europe’s big markets and now Financial Times is confirming November launch of Lumia 920 along with the opening of first 4G network in UK. We also know Lumia 920 is a LTE/4G device.

So, now it looks like that Lumia 920 is in fact coming to UK in November but exclusively to “Everything Everywhere”. It is also good for the launch partner as Exclusivity would be a boost to Everything Everywhere, which operates the T-Mobile and Orange brands, given the large marketing budget expected to back the phones and the Microsoft platform.