Wazapp, the Whatsapp for N9 is getting updates after updates and it has received two more updates ( 0.2.5 and 0.2.6). These updates have brought many changes like enhancements, new features and bug fixes. Read more of the change log below.

Wazapp 0.2.6:

  • Changed isolation level to None. Should fix #11
  • Keyboard now doesn’t close on send. fixed #3
  • Now using native speechbubble (knobtviker)
  • changed to Wazapp string name in Quit Dialog
  • Now using standard emoji set
  • Can now send Emoji (Thanks to knobtviker)
  • Landscape is usable now (Thanks to knobtviker)
  • Corrected Exception name in WALogin

Wazapp 0.2.5:

  • SendPing doesn’t fire if offline now
  • Fixed registration for people getting Login Failed or Account expired. Re-register is required for them after update.
  • Fixed possible segmentation fault when reconnecting (as so closing of wazapp sometimes while running in background)
  • Connecting to internet is now automatic if there are networks configured for auto connect, even in PSM. Otherwise the connection dialog will popup on every ping.
  • Now correctly handling login thread crash if connection lost during login process (resulting in forever connecting)
  • Emoji in contacts statuses
  • Enhanced conversations window, that deals with scroll issue (thanks to CepiPerez)
  • New indicator icons
  • Bigger Emoji (Thanks to @knobtviker and CepiPerez)

Go to Wazapp.im for downloading the update.