It seems that it is not only about Lumia 920 and AT&T in USA. Lumia 822 which is exclusive to Verizon is also getting lots of attention. Not only it has been one of the most poplar devices at Verizon, it has also got rave reviews and now both Black and White Lumia 822 have climbed to Walmart’s “Best selling list”  at 3rd and 6th positions. This is very good indicator of its strong sales performance as this best-selling list consists of all “cell phones with plans” which includes all big competitor flagships.

In case, you are wondering why Lumia 920 is not on the list, then reason is, it has been sold out and “Ships when available”. Also surprisingly Walmart has raised its price to $119.99 ? So, everyone will be certainly heading to AT&T website after all ;).