c0a047e2-5469-477e-9c91-10fa016becefThe Windows Phone app, which has gone free next as myAppFree  app of the day is VinVid – Vine Downloader.

You can download your favorite vines to your phone and then watch these vines from the video gallery by using VinVid – Vine Downloader. Its consists of  beautiful interface with easy 4-step instruction  that  will guide you to download the vines successfully.

VinVid  Features:

– You can download any vine you want.
– Easy Instructions to help you download your favorite vines to your video library.
– Play Vine videos directly from your video library and you can share them to any social network

– Go to your vine in your Vine or 6sec app.
– Hit the ellipse (button with three dots) below your vine.
– Select “Copy link”
– Open Vine Video Downloader and paste the link in the text field.
– Hit the Download Video button to get the vine on your gallery

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