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Well, this is epic!! Casey Neistat, who makes videos on YouTube gets one of his video stolen by Apple’s customer care for internal circulation as a motivational tool. This gets busted by NYTimes and obviously not liked by Casey who is a long time Apple fan,

It may be true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But a popular filmmaker in New York was not flattered when he learned that part of his movie had been recut and used as a motivational video for Apple employees.

The video, “The Dark Side of the iPhone 5S Lines,” was a lighthearted documentary by Casey Neistat on the pains people endured while waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S. One woman in the film, for example, wrapped herself in a garbage bag to stay warm while sleeping on the ground. The video has had more than three million views on YouTube.

Now, Nokia has empathized with Casey sending a note and Lumia 1020. The note mentions,


Obviously Nokia has not liked Apple copying many ideas from Nokia including colored profiles and low-light imaging.

Tweet from Casey:

Original video:

You can watch the copied video from Apple by clicking here.

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