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Video: Android (Apk ) Apps running on my Windows 10 mobile (Guest Post)


Android ( Apk ) Apps running on my Windows 10 mobile

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Android Apps on my Lumia

Finally I am able to install some of the top Android Apps – important apps and some of missing apps on windows os.

No Lag – Works smooth , looks like it’s made for Windows OS

These are not ported , these are official apk installed via hacking tool in Windows 10 mobile lumia 930.

Some of Apps not working due to Google services , but i cracked it via Gmaps patcher. (After using it all apps working ) but still some function can’t able to use.

Gmaps.patcher : ( Download to remove Google service permission)

(I was able to install Snapchat and run it after patching on my Lumia 930 )

Screenshot (129)

Note : ( Very useful and Make day to day stuff easier and especially useful in phablets )

Android Apps enables – swipe from left edge of screen to bring hamburger menu 

Hope , all the apps should take the advantages of these functionality.

We can hope that Windows 10 os will remove Apps + games gap as compared to ios and android OS .

Guest Post:

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