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Very cheap Nokia touchscreen phone RM-990 spotted

Some think Microsoft wil abandon feature phones but we discovered that Nokia’s is still working on very interesting feature phones to conquer emerging countries.

After we found a new Lumia codenamed RM-974 last week, we searched Zabia a little more and discover that a new product code RM-990 was imported.

RM-990 black touch

As you can see it has a touchscreen and costs only 1.889 Indian Rupee being $ 30,- thats right 30….!! Currently the cheapest -modern- Nokia touchscreen device in India is the Asha 500 and this costs around 4.300 INR. So if this is really true this would be a breaktrought in pricing! We belief Nokia & Microsoft can conquer the lower markets with this kind of pricing. So could this be a Nokia X V? … or just a cheap Asha?

Roger Hendriks
He is CTO of Fenêtre internet applications and co-owner of Keen On Apps (, both located in The Netherlands. Roger is the face behind NPU’s Windows Phone app and writes interesting articles on NPU when he gets time from donning the role of CTO of his company. Write to him at Email: [email protected]