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This was really expected and even it was rumored that Lumia 910 with 12 MP camera may be heading to Verizon some time this year. But now Bloomberg reports from an insider source that Verizon indeed is going to  launch a Windows Phone 8 running Lumia device this year only. In doing so, it will be the first time it has released a Windows device since May 2011. Microsoft and Nokia are holding a press conference on Sept. 5 in New York,  that we know and Verizon isn’t expected to be part of that event. But according to the report, the carrier intends to roll out a Nokia phone later, said the insider person.

Verizon like AT&T wants to lessen its dependence on Apple Inc.’s iPhone and devices running  Android software. For Microsoft and Nokia, meanwhile, the move would bolster efforts to regain market share. The Nokia phone would also provide fresh ammunition against the latest iPhone.