Our reader “andy” sent this in. While having chat with a Verizon sales rep, Andy asked about “high-end Lumia” and later tried to confirm whether it is certainly Lumia 928. To his surprise the rep was quite calm in replying both the questions in affirmative.

So, according to the above chat screenshot, it is as official as it can get at present that high-end Lumia 928 is certainly coming soon!! On further prodding, rep says that they themselves are waiting for further updates on launch date and pricing which make us believe that the device may have been finished testing on Verizon network and may be ready to roll!!

Andy has perhaps got the similar information from 2 other reps as well, but wasn’t able to capture screenshots of earlier chats. Anyways, it adds further to the hype and excitement around Lumia 928’s impending release!!

Thanks andy for the tip. Cheers!!