The Verge reports that Nokia is planning to unveil, two new Windows Phone 8 devices at the joint event with Microsoft on September 5th. Sources familiar with the two companies’ plans have revealed that Nokia is working on two devices Nokia “Phi” and  “Arrow“. Nokia Phi is the Flagship device according to the sources and will come with curved screen and polycarbonate unibody like Lumia 800. Other sources and the leaked image above also have confirmed a flagship device with Lumia 800’s design, so Nokia Phi seems like more or less confirmed now. AT&T will stock Nokia’s Phi handset initially as an exclusive hero device.

The second device Nokia Arrow will be a mid-range device that will be available on AT&T and T-Mobile in the US. An almost identical variant, codenamed Nokia Atlas, will also be available on the Verizon network — but its announcement is likely to come later. The Verge also reports that these names are codenames and devices will obviously be named Lumias and we agree to that.

If you remember a similar story reported by, it was rumored that Lumia 910 and Lumia 920 will be revealed during the Nokia World. So may be Lumia 920 is codenamed Phi and Lumia 910 is codenamed Arrow.

It was also mentioned that Lumia 920 is known as “Juggernaut Alpha”. It seemed likely from “Occassional Gamer” statistics as well.

Then a Yellow Lumia surfaced and it was rumored to be the “Nokia Phi” with large screen. Later Eldar Murtazin also chipped in saying that this indeed is the Flagship device with Lumia 800’s design and large 4.7 inch screen.

In the meantime two display frames were also leaked, which can be part of these two upcoming WP8 devices.