A new software update is rolling out for Nokia 8110 4G smart feature phone globally. The V15 update is important and brings the much-desired WhatsApp support to the KaiOS powered phone.

The update also brings Facebook app with itself and some owners have reported availability of the update for their Nokia 8110 4G in official Nokia community. Once you have installed the V15 software update you can install WhatsApp from KaiStore. One of the owner informs that even KaiNews is available post the update to install from store.

Earlier KaiOS Twitter account confirmed that it will spread WhatsApp availability to other regions than India, it was available for Nokia 8110 4G in India only.

Unavailability of apps like WhatsApp and some other usability related issues were the biggest impediment in adoption of KaiOS based smart feature phones. Hopefully, with time we would be able to see a more polished experience from KaiOS based Nokia phones.