Urban DaddyUrbanDaddy team has just contacted us to let us know about release of their app for Windows Phone. They have cited the rise in steady increase in Windows Phone users using their services as the reason behind this release. The app is available for free at store.

UrbanDaddy is excited to announce that we have just launched our mobile app, The Next Move, for Windows devices. Since the initial launch in 2009, The Next Move has received over 6 million active downloads and counting.  With 80% of our user base accessing UrbanDaddy through their mobile devices, it is important we respond to the steady increase of our members using Windows phones– rising from 2% to 5% in the last half of 2013. With the debut of the Nokia Lumia devices, we are expecting to see this number grow significantly in 2014.

For the first time, users with Windows mobile devices can now use the proprietary digital concierge-engine of The Next Move to find the most relevant experiences in their city, tailored to their situation in real time.

The launch marks the culmination of our partnership with Nokia, as we celebrate both The Next Move Windows launch and the debut of the new Nokia Lumia Icon smartphone.


UrbanDaddy’s award-winning mobile application The Next Move has your answer to the eternal question: “Where should we go next?”

When you’re out on the town and looking for the perfect spot to go for food, drink or a little late-night debauchery, you can find any old place or you can find the right place. Select what you want to do and who you’re with, and we’ll give you a handpicked list of the nearest spots that fit the bill, complete with venue descriptions, photos and GPS-powered directions to get you there fast.

Maybe you’re looking for cocktails at the hottest new underground lounge? A club to mingle with the latest models who just sauntered off the runway? Coffee late night after a second date? Dinner with your hipster vegetarian girlfriend? Or just the closest bar for you to find great scotch.

Think of The Next Move as your digital concierge when you’re on the go. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered.

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