Update: Sim free Lumia 920 in Black, White and Red is now open to order and can be booked for a price of £459.95.

If you ar not happy with Nokia’s plans to go exclusive with EE and wanted to have it unlocked or Sim Free in UK, then may be your wish will come true soon. As earlier reported via leaked promo material and some of our readers, fully unlocked  Sim Free Lumia 920 was supposed to come to Phones4u for a price of £459.95.

Yesterday Phones4u has listed Lumia 820 Sim Free and has opened orders for Lumia 920 with T-Mobile and Orange plans. So, it was expected that Sim Free Lumia 920 will make an appearance soon. So, here we go. This stands vindicated as Lumia 920 is indeed listed in the Sim free section of Phones4u for a price of £459.95 but it is yet not open for ordering.

Sim Free Lumia 920 link