Updated: Pricing info and news of  64 GB version of Lumia 920 incoming has also been shared with Nokia@NokiaPureView by their Tipster. Reportedly 32/64 GB Lumia 920 will retail for around $599/$699, while Lumia 820 will retail for $499. These all seem to be unlocked devices’ prices.

Though, we will just say, take it with a pinch of salt !!

We have been tipped that Lumia 920 may see its global launch on 25th September in Indonesia. Coincidentally, CEO Elop was spotted in Indonesia and a photo was shared as well by the same person. So, may be it is not a mere coincident and Nokia may be looking to leverage its mighty brand presence in SE Asian countries by launching Lumia 920 in Indonesia.

Thanks Nokia@NokiaPureView for the Tip !!