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The above image is in a post at Nokia Conversations now and Nokia is inviting everyone for watching the webcast on 11th of Julyl!!

Seems, even Nokia is having a hard time in hiding the excitement of bringing that 41 MP PureView camera to Lumia range. Nokia France has posted the above image with a teaser saying,

41 million reasons to find out more! @ nokconv – July 11, 2013, ZoomReinvented

I know, most of us don’t believe in coincidences and take hints in full stride!! So, here is the confirmation to all doubters that the “polycarbonate” body devices called “Nokia EOS” will certainly come with that famed 41 MP PureView sensor. It was confirmed by our sources, but those Phablet” leaks and “XX” on camera module cover had everyone trying to convince us other wise :P.

Anyways, this is my next…..


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