Now a listing at ManiacStore reveals the pricing to be Rs 5290. Though device is not yet on pre-order but seems the pricing may revolve around this which is really awesome price for the device.

Thanks to our Singhnsk for the Tip. Cheers!!

Maniac store link


Great news for many out there waiting for Asha 501 in India!! Nokia shop is now listing Asha 501 in all five colors. Listing at Nokia shop usually means stock arrival within one week. So, seems Asha 501 is that much closer. Asha 501 is an unbeatable package. It is a very beautiful entry-level smartphone based on Nokia’s new swipe based OS “Asha platform”. This device will be succeeded by many higher-end Ashas in future, but for now this is what you can get for an expected price of less than $99 (exclusive of taxes). As indicated by Nokia shop that its price will be between 5000 to 8000, it may see a final price of around 5599 to 6000 INR.

If you want to know more about “Asha 501” and “Asha platform“, read more below.



Nokia shop link