Check now and it seems Lumia 620 has only got hotter in terms of popularity and sales at Expansys USA. Now, it holds first five positions in the “Top Sellingproduct list at Expansys USA beating all other smartphones in the process. Looks like, it may prove to be a sleeper hit for Nokia in USA.

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Great show this by Nokia‘s one of the most admired Lumia devices. In USA where Lumia 620 has not been even officially released, the imported version is selling like hot cakes at Expansys USA. Lumia 620 in Black, White and Yellow is right at the top in top-selling devices list at Expansys. Lumia 620 in Black is the best seller device followed by White and Yellow.

Another good thing is that it is available at Expansys in six colors 🙂 : Black, White, Yellow, Cyan , Green and Magenta.


It may be a good idea for Nokia to at least bring unlocked Lumia 620 at other major retailers like Walmart and Amazon to tap this demand. May be it can help Nokia post stronger sales numbers for USA.