Latest Update:

Latest official version of WhatsApp is compatible with Nokia X, Nokia X2, Nokia XL & Nokia X+. No need for workarounds anymore. Click here to install it on your devices.

Nokia X WhatsappHere we are providing updated working solutions in “step by step” manner with latest WhatsApp Plus version to use for Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL.

In case you had WhatsApp or WhatsApp plus working and it stopped working recently,

1) Take a WhatsApp Chat backup, if possible on your device ( otherwise it will anyways be there if WhatsApp was working recently)

2) Uninstall the WhatsApp or WhatsApp plus on your device

3) Install the latest WhatsApp Plus from here

In case you are not able to register to WhatsApp at all,

1) Download older version of WhatsApp. You can download and try versions 2.11.305 or version 2.11.294 from here

2) Clear app data (go to settings > apps > WhatsApp > clear data)

3) Change date to 25th Jul 2014 or (even before if it won’t work) (go to settings > Date and time > uncheck “automatic update of time”),

4) Reboot the phone and you should be able to register and use WhatsApp. Only that your messages will be backdated.

5) Uninstall Whatsapp now

6) Set time to present date

7) Install the latest WhatsApp Plus from here

Do let us know if it works for you.

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