There are mounting evidences now that Lumia 920 may see a wider release around 1st week of November. First, it was PhoneHouse in France, which didn’t mention a certain date but hinted enough for an end of October to Early November release. Now MediaMarkt in Germany has listed Lumia 920 in many colors with promise of a release date of 1st November.

I think, this may be the first time some carrier or retailer has come up with a certain date for devices. But, we are increasingly hopeful as we have already seen the Firmware appearing on NaviFirm, which also indicates that Lumia 920 is to be shipped soon to the market.


MediaMarkt has updated their page with a new release date of 15th November, which is a mild setback for those wishing to get Lumia 920 unlocked from them. But, not much worry for others, as Vodafone just has promised 1st November in-store date for both Lumia 920 and 820.

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