Dual-Sim Lumia 840We told you that upcoming mid-range Lumia 840 may sport Dual-Sim support. Now, it seems that Microsoft may provide more flexibility to future Lumia buyers by providing Dual-Sim option even at high-end of the Lumia range.

Above entry was spotted in Zauba ExIm data and it has a device that should belong to upper mid-range to high-end of the upcoming Lumia range as per the per unit price indicated in the record. What is interesting here is that this device is indicated to have Dual-Sim support, which is missing from Lumia upper mid-range to high-end for now.

We have reported about four upcoming Lumias in one of the articles and also more about Lumia 840 in another. As, the pricing indicated in Zauba records are often misleading but still indicative, so we can’t yet take this device as a mid-ranger or high-ender. But we have reasons to believe that devices like Lumia 840 may come with Dual-Sim support. So, if the device above belongs to high-end many prospective Lumia Flagship buyers in India may be “Dual-Happy”.