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Two (upper) mid-range Lumias and two Lumia flagships in works

Lumia 830 back NPUMicrosoft Mobile has been on a Lumia launching spree recently with Lumia 435, Lumia 532, Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL, Lumia 430 and Lumia 540 all getting announced within a matter of 3-4 months. That is not going to stop though and we may have more.

Good news is that Microsoft is trying to make amends in the upper mid-range of Lumia devices. The recent device launches have provided depth to Lumia low-end and lower mid-range with devices packing advanced features and specifications for the price they command. Mid-range still needs compelling devices and while Lumia 830 is an option there, many rue the fact that Microsoft didn’t pack it with 5 MP FFC and better processor. With its iconic design and great camera, it could have been much compelling mid-ranger.

So, we have some info about one such mid-ranger in works, that may pack Dual-Sim support, 13-14 MP rear camera (PureView), 5 MP FFC, better processor and may sport similar or slightly modified design to Lumia 830. While it is not sure what the name may be, we may call it Lumia 840 for our convenience. This device may have a screen size around 5-inch.

One more mid-ranger has been tipped as in works by our sources and it may be a device with bigger display (5.5 inch to 5.7 inch) and may pack camera specs similar to Lumia 840 but non-Pureview. Again we don’t know what it will be called but let us call its Lumia 740 XL.

Still, we will accept that it is the preliminary info that we have and it may change later and Microsoft may not even bring these devices to the market.

Two Flagships running Windows 10 for Phones on launch have been again confirmed by our sources and while we are not too sure about the names, let us call them Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL.

Lumia 940 may sport a 5.2 inch while Lumia 940 XL may have a 5.7 inch display. We hear that the rear camera sensor may swell to 24-25 MP from current 20 MP on Lumia 930. They will certainly feature a 5 MP or even higher MP FFC. We also hear some cool features like 3D-interaction, Iris scanner and native Pen support as part of the package. We know that Windows 10 for Phones will bring support for Hexa-core and Octa-core processors. We don’t have confirmed info about processor and display resolution as of now but Microsoft may go for bleeding-edge specs, we hear.

We have reported about Microsoft fast-tracking Windows 10 for Phones and may push it to vendors by late Q2. This also means that the Windows 10 flagships may arrive earlier than expected.

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  • frankinnoho

    Who is the source of the 840 and 740 info? Who do they work for and how would we know if it seems credible. No where in the article is a source mentioned, or even alluded to, and yet quotes are used. Basically little more than blatant speculative click baiting without sources.

  • john

    any idea about price of 840??

    • Kamal

      not yet 🙂

  • Henri

    Do we know if the Glance Sreen will be on the both 940 and 940 XL ?

  • Yoga Ts

    i need 830 design for Asian(Indonesia) market,,

  • Quikmix

    740XL the most intriguing phone here if it comes in around $299.

  • weiste

    Still waiting for the L1020 successor. Staying with my L1020 until it breaks or something like L1030 comes out only just because I like the camera so much…

    • javid

      im also waiting for a flagship on WP
      I still use my 808 Pureview for my camera needs and the Lumia 520 for my other needs.
      Yes, i am waiting for a flagship to take over the role of the two items…

  • nikos

    will lumia 740 XL come with snapdragon 615 ?

  • mcyangsta

    L840 needs a Hexa-core SD808 processor and selling it in the $300-$400 price range. L830 is under-powered and over-priced. It was a Nokia’s creation. Hopefully, MS will build L840 with right specs. It would make a good W10 business phone.

    • Quikmix

      you’re crazy to think you’re going to get an 808 for $300. I could see a SD620, but that’s it.

      • PNHD

        more like sd615 for the mid-rangers and 810 for high end.

  • uberlaff

    940XL with pen support… huh…


    • mcyangsta

      I hope it is a Surface like pen which will bring up OneNote with double clicks of top button. L940XL bundled with a pen sounds delicious.

      • Kamal

        Quite possible 🙂

        • uberlaff

          Whoa, what if clicking the pen opens the inking mode for whatever app you’re in.

          I’m thinking Project Spartan, click pen, inking mode.

          This whole thing is exciting.

      • dan

        or a note like pen that you can put inside the device.

  • bennyj

    The mid rangers will probably be Chinese versions. They always seem to get upgraded versions

  • DH Dog

    940 for me.
    Taking in consideration the state of W10 for Mobiles I don’t think we’ll see the flagships sooner.

    • Marshal Craft

      yeah not really sure, i have an 830 running windows 10 preview and seems to be issues or ‘different degree of support’ to windows 8.1 store apps. an app currently being devloped for 8.1 is working ok on 10 however it’s splash creen is not working as well as cortana does not seem to recognize vcd’s but not sure if it something on my end or not. honestly im should start working on changing it to universal but not it is confusing and right now trying to focus on the app itself rather than superlatives like that. but really microsoft has a lot to do that end users dont see, like continue to generate good support and documentation on msdn for this stuff and differences with windows 10 and universal ‘model’. also this is all user mode stuff there are also changes to driver models as well. making microsoft very busy, also they have purchased nokia so all in all id say they have their hands full but if they pull it off it will be very interesting.

  • Robert

    finally some flagship news

    • dan

      i*ve waited for this far too long.. 😀