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Guessing about the timing of Verizon’s product releases in advance is a tough work. Actually, they change product release timings a lot and even sales rep are informed just one or two in advance about upcoming releases. Now, we brought you the tip that three of retailers with Lumia 929 accessory had mentioned a release date of 6th December for their accessories.  So, guesstimates put the release date of Lumia 929 on or around 6th December. But, check now and two of the retailers already quote release date of 20th December for their accessories. Skinomi still maintains release date of 6th December.

Seems, Verizon has again shifted the goal post and may be now the device comes out on 20th December. But, can one be sure? No, with so many date shifts, it is hard to reach to any conclusion. Mark 6th and 20th December on your calendar anyways, if you are holding for Lumia 929.

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