We have reported earlier that Nokia may be working on Tablets running Windows 8. It has been later kind of confirmed via many sources.





There is one design, which seems to be everyone’s desired design for the upcoming Nokia Tablet. Yup, the extended N9 type of unibody design for the Tablet. And, every reason to be happy here as this kind of design has already been patented by Nokia :). Just have a look at the below drawings and we have all the reason to be excited here. Nokia was granted this Tab design patent on March 15, 2011.

In fact, Nokia has already patented not one but two Tablet designs. There is one more Tablet design patent granted to Nokia at the same time as of above patent. And, mind you this one also looks very promising to me :).

So what do you think? Is Nokia going to surprise us with a Tablet revelation soon !!

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