Two new Nokia phones/smartphones have appeared in BIS certification in India. The devices with variant TA-1325 and Ta-1328 have appeared for the first time in any certification.

The same vendor that will manufacture Nokia 3.4 (TA-1288) in India may manufacture the TA-1325 and TA-1328 too.

Coming to what we are looking at, it is not Nokia 6300 4G or Nokia 8000 4G. It also doesn’t look like Nokia C1 Plus that appeared in WiFi certification with variants TA-1312, TA-1308, TA-1309, TA-1314, TA-1318, TA-1306, TA-1320 and TA-1335.

So, it may probably be Nokia 5.4 that we have seen appearing in FCC certification as TA-1333, TA-1337 and TA-1340. Though it is possible that we are looking at something else too.