Meizu-NokiaNokia and Meizu collaboration rumors have been appearing randomly, but it has always been about a certain upcoming Meizu smartphone with some technology from Nokia. Now, when Nokia officially announced its intentions to return to smartphone via brand-licensing route, some tweets from Meizu’s official account have fulled rumors of Meizu as the possible brand-licensing partner of Nokia.

As you can see in above screenshots Meizu welcomes Nokia back to world of smartphones in one tweet over its Baidu account and in next tweet posts an image bearing “716”. The title of the tweet reads (translated),

7.16 110 in the age of intelligent machines

To me, it looks like a dig by Meizu account, asking whether Nokia will bring the Nokia 1100 in year 2016 (in the era of intelligent smartphones). But translations are so funny and some other sites are reporting this to be a hint of some kind that Meizu may be the Nokia brand-licensing partner.

We however have heard from our sources that Foxconn, that is manufacturing the Nokia N1 tablet will also manufacture first Nokia-branded smartphones in 2016.

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