Tweetium has received a new update for Windows Phone. Its got updated to Build 282 in Windows Phone Store. The update brings  number of improvements and bug fixes.


– Scroll position should now be restored when swiping between views.
– Improved position restoration when resuming
– Added an option to always restore last position / view state when switching views (i.e. with the navbar)
– Really fixed the problem with stale user images appearing on slow connections
– On high DPI devices, now load higher resolution (but still quite small) user thumbnails
– Fixed pasting of links copied via Copy Shortcut in IE
– First attempt at working around store IAP issues affecting Pro subscriptions
– Fixed cases where RTs and Connect+ notifications would not refresh until the app was restarted
– Improved detection of stalled stream connections
– Phone – Ensure the bottom of the view can be scrolled above the app bar
– Phone – Esnure tweet details/controls are above the app bar on thread expand
– Phone – Fix caret position when using Quote Tweet (should be at start, not end)
– Fixed some rare crashes reported via WER
– Additional logging and error handling improvements

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