There are many application which are compatible with 808 and other Belle FP1 devices, but if you search at Nokia Store you will find them available only for 1st gen Belle devices. Two examples come to mind. Fring and Gropuon. So, here is a tutorial to help you understand, how to install these applications on your 808 PureView and other Belle Fp1 devices

We informed about Fring’s fixed version 4.05.18 being available at Nokia Store for Belle devices. Surprisingly it is not available for Belle FP1 devices 603, 700, 701 and 808 PureView at Nokia Store for now. But no worries here, if you know how to use Nokia Drop and send the application to your Belle FP1 devices.


Go to the link and download Nokia Drop to your phone and the Mozilla Firefox/Chrome extension on Your PC.

Now open Mozilla/Chrome and open the Nokia Store and login with your Nokia account. Change the device to any Belle device viz N8/C7. Search for Fring and go to the application. It should show “Download on Mobile” option enabled. Check the below screenshot.

Now fire up Nokia Drop on your phone and put the status to connected. Go back to your PC and click “download on mobile” option in your Mozilla/Chrome browser as shown in above screenshot. It will show that app has been sent, and you are done.

Not only for Fring, it can be done for any such apps. So enjoy Fring on your Belle FP1 devices.