harmony IsleTry one of the most addictive games, “Harmony Isle” for the Windows phone Devices. The game already enjoys good ratings.

The game is completely free to  play but app purchase is also available. You can Build beautiful villas and mansions for your villagers to live in and also build Commission museums, bars and theatres for them to enjoy. Throw banquets and parties to keep everyone smiling.

With the latest update you can also create Winter wonderland, now.

Harmony Isle Details:


See your island in beautiful 3D and show off your town on your screen in all its glory!

Countless ways to build your perfect town – choose from stately homes, sweeping promenades, cute cottages, delicious delis and more!

Carefully balance the forces of nature, science and society with the Harmony meter. The greater the Harmony the greater the rewards!

Fun quests to explore, from solving island mysteries to throwing lavish parties for the whole town.

Daily rewards you’ll want to return to every single day.
Holiday Makeover

Create your own winter wonderland as Harmony Isle receives a festive update. Your townsfolk have dressed in their winter clothes and have adorned buildings with beautiful lights and decorations. With over 20 new quests and holiday items including the Festive Tree, Santa’s Grotto, Snow Globe and a Heap of Presents the festive update will keep you busy all the way through the holiday season.

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