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TouchMountain goes free as myAppFree app of the day



The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is TouchMountain.

TouchMountain Details:

TouchMountain is the perfect tourist guide in the mountains and lets you discover peaks worldwide. You can find nearby mountains on the camera’s viewfinder (Augmented Reality), on the map, via the search or on the list.

TouchMountain offers a whole bunch of information of every peak: elevation, distance to the peak, live webcams, wikipedia articles of the surroundings, weather and other useful information about the place. You can see the peaks through the camera (Augmented Reality), on a map or in a list! This app also includes dozens of little features like a compass, navigation, sharing, screenshots, etc.

Discovering worldwide peaks has never been easier than with TouchMountain! So why don’t you check out TouchMountain today and try it out for free?

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