Here in this article we share more than 10 Windows 10 Mobile Keyboard tips along with the the hands-on video demo to see them in action. It will help you in getting best out of the Windows 10 Mobile native Keyboard an type faster and richer. We have also shared some tips about changing Keyboard related setting easily for enabling more effective use of the keyboard.

Shape writing:

Drag your finger from letter to letter to quickly form the shape of a word, then string words together into a sentence by lifting your finger after each word to insert a space.

Capitalize without writing in Caps:

After writing a word, you can tap to select and tap on the Shift ↑ key to capitalize the first letter or tap again to capitalize the whole word.

Swipe to write numbers:

Swipe from the &123 key to any other key to write the number without changing the letters keyboard to numbers mode. This really helps when you have to input one or Two numbers quickly.

Exclamation Marks by tapping & Holding:

Tap and Hold on period key to get exclamation marks again without going to numbers mode.

Double tap on space to get period:

If enabled in settings you can double-tap on space to get the period

Auto Emoji suggestions:

The new Keyboard is very rich when it comes to letting your message speak with emoticons and images. While typing itself you will be suggested emoticons by the keyboard. It is not only about emotions though and you can chose food, animals and so much more to insert into the message.

Tap & Hold Keys to get more inputs quickly:

While writing if you tap and hold some of the keys you get to many new key inputs and that saves lots of time for you.

Speech to Text:

It works fast and you can get the Keyboard type what you dictate (speak) by just tapping on the Microphone icon on top of the Keyboard.

Changing Keyboard languages:

If installed just swipe on the space key for changing Keyboard languages.

Browser Keyboard tip:

Tap and hold on .com (that appears when you are using Browser) to get .in, .org and others

Make it learn words:

Tap on the word if it is a new word for Keyboard and a +sign will appear before it. You can tap to add the word then to Keyboard dictionary.

Cursor controller:

The cursor controller is the circle near the bottom of your screen. Press and hold the cursor controller and then flick it in the direction you want to go to move from character to character or line by line faster. Or scroll through the text more slowly by pressing it and then dragging your finger in the direction you’d like the cursor to move.

Changing various keyboard settings:

Tap and hold on &123 key and tap on settings to reveal the installed Keyboards and tap on any keyboard. You will be presented with lots of keyboard settings options. Here you can see all the settings enabled by default and we recommend to let them remain so.

Getting to one-handed mode and moving keyboard up and down:

Check our previous tutorial to read more and watch these two keyboard features in action

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