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So, this weekend was also full of interesting posts on NPU and here is a recap of what you missed, if you didn’t get a chance to check the stories over the weekend.

Graphene sensor being worked on:

Nokia has been granted a patent for an imaging sensor based on “Graphene” layers for photo detection. As this patent was filed long back, chances of a Graphene sensor coming to a Lumia device sooner is high!!


Funny Nokia Lumia 925 advert:

This is really creative and funny advert from Nokia Germany, highlighting low-light camera capability of Lumia 925 and it features…………Batman :P.


Lumia 925 vs HTC One, Xperia Z and iPhone 5 side by side video capture comparison:

Lumia 925 takes the competition head on and well emerges the undisputed winner.


Sales report from India and UK:

Lumia 520 gains further sales momentum in India as we enter Q3. In UK, Lumia range as a whole is doing quite well at three major retailers.



Reverse Bokeh and FCC listing shows Lumia WP8 to get BT 4.0:

New photography trick with Lumia 920 and FCC listing shows Lumia 620 and certainly other as well getting BT 4.0.



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