Todoist announced their first universal Windows app named as Boards. Todoist is one of the best task management app available in Windows phone. Now the company launches their new and first universal Windows app to Microsoft store. This is an experimental launch.That means if the UWA is good, then they will continue to make more Universal Windows apps. Boards is also a task management app which allow you to manage different projects.

Press release : 

Today, we’re announcing Boards by Todoist, a simple, stand-alone app for Windows 10. Boards is very much about the Todoist team learning how to work with the Kanban visualization and listening intently to our users on how it could be improved to fit with their workflow.

It’s the first time we’re doing an experiment like this, and it seems like a good time to share some of the motivations, goals, and engineering behind Boards.

Experiment, ship fast, and learn a lot

One of the big challenges of having a tremendously popular product like Todoist is retaining the ability to innovate. Todoist has an amazingly diverse customer base, from real estate managers to couples renovating their houses to fitness instructors. Each one of those customers has their own unique way of using Todoist. Some prefer to use labels a lot, others create deep task structures, etc.

We love that Todoist is flexible enough to fit all of these workflows, but it also means that every time we change our app, we’d better have a good reason for it as we’ll inevitably break a few patterns that some of our customers use along the way. Together with other expectations our customers have, like feature parity across platforms, this makes integrating more experimental ideas into the Todoist app quickly, and scrapping them if they don’t work, very hard.

There are multiple ways to solve this problem.

We could constrain ourselves to experimenting internally, keeping testing within our team, and sharing the results only when we have something that is very polished and ready for production. This could allow us to move relatively fast, but would prevent us from tapping into our users’ collective wisdom. I personally interact with quite a few of you when you send feedback for our Todoist for Windows 10 app. The fact that our users care deeply about Todoist and demonstrate it by taking the time to write very detailed feedback containing concrete suggestions and new ideas, continues to blow me away and humble me at the same time.


There are so many companies introduces their Universal Windows app everyday , so it is interesting to try them on both PC and in Phone. So download the app and enjoy.

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