The weekly Red Stripe Deals provide discounts of at least 50 percent on six Windows 10 games and apps.

Red Stripe Deals for this week brings:

Toca Life: City” ($1.49, usually $2.99). Customize characters, explore exciting locations and find hidden treasures. Experiment with your hair, shop at the mall, grab a bite to eat at the food park or invite friends to your loft. You can also record video stories and share with friends.

“The Great Unknown: Houdini's Castle”

“The Great Unknown: Houdini’s Castle”

In “The Great Unknown: Houdini’s Castle” ($1.49, usually $2.99), your plane crashes on an uncharted island, interrupting your honeymoon. When you wake up, you discover a madman has kidnapped your husband. To get him back, you’ll have to pass the madman’s sinister tests and solve the mysteries of Houdini’s Castle.

“Twin Moons HD”

“Twin Moons HD”

Within “Twin Moons HD” ($3.49, usually $6.99), you’ll find a hidden object game filled with shocking secrets. A car accident has caused Jack, a researcher at the isolated Twin Moons Institute, to lose his memory. But fuzzy flashbacks suggest he participated in some kind of dangerous experiment. Help Jack find answers and decide whether his friends, colleagues and even his fiancée are worthy of his trust.

Other titles on sale through May 25: