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TMALL’s online store selling more than 1000 Lumia 920 daily. Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 312 reviews.



It is certainly encouraging news to see Lumia 920 enjoying good demand in China and we are talking about Lumia 920, the China Unicom edition here. TMALL is one of the online retailers selling Lumia 920 since beginning and currently its daily online sales averages more than 1000 in case of Lumia 920. The above screenshot was taken yesterday only and now check the screenshot below which has been taken half an hour back today. It has already sold more than 1000 units of Lumia 920. We have observed this happening couple of times before as well.Now, before anyone jumps gun saying it is small number, let me remind you it is just one of the “online retailers” selling Lumia 920 and there are many including biggies like 360Buy (Which got order for more than 3000 Lumia 920 on the first day itself) and 51Buy, and we are not taking into account sales numbers from the retail stores here.

TMALL Lumia 920 link



Also the Lumia 920 owners are in love with their devices. Similar to what we have seen on Amazon or AT&T in USA, here also Lumia 920 is enjoying amazing ratings. It is currently rated 4.8 out of 5 on the basis of 312 reviews. It speaks volumes about the Lumia 920’s quality.



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  • iPUMPER???

    okay some numbers for u……3 million of iphone 5 on a weekend……15000-20000 iphone 5/ week on Taobao vs 2000+/week Lumia 920 on Taobao. Lumia 800c is selling 1624/ week on Taobao….hahahaha

    • Whatever

      Can you post links to those taobao numbers? I can’t find anything from there…

    • Nokia has not even listed “Taobao” as official retailer for Lumia 920 :P.

  • iPUMPER???

    go to TAOBAO and check their sales number too! they are doing POORLY in CHINA!!!! You guys expected too much out of this CM deal! The Chinese are obsessed with the Iphones. They DO NOT CARE about the quality sadly! They care about the “FACE”. They only want to be recognized as an owner of Iphone.

    • This is not about CM deal. CM deal is for Lumia 920T and we are still not talking about that ;).About iPhone obsession, iSheeps are everywhere, but in China even Lumia 800C sold better than iPhone. Lumia 920 and 920T are too hot to handle for Apple.

  • Jake

    Inventory #

  • arend

    look at the inventory on the first pic and then at the inventory on the same pic a day later

  • Whatever

    When I click that link, it shows MONTHLY sales of 756. Where do you get that 1000+ per DAY?