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Updated: End of the road for Nokia X, Asha & Feature phones & Nokia MixRadio ( In maintanence mode)

Nokia-X2_featElop’s email sent today clearly hints about discontinuation of Nokia X range of devices in future, as the upcoming future products and designs from Nokia X range are shifted to Lumia products. Now, this is not the full story, it seems and as per a tip received by us Microsoft is killing Asha range and Feature phones as well.

In a internal memo circulated by newly made Microsoft phone business head Jo Harlow, all the efforts now be focused on Windows Phone and Nokia X, Asha and Feature phones will be put in “maintenance mode” for an eventual shut down of services during the period of next 18 months. There will be no new features or updates for these platforms and developer engagement will be ramped down.

Nokia MixRadio & Nokia Xpress Browser have also been moved in maintenance mode and can be spinned off. They may be offered as 3rd party services and Microsoft is in discussion with 3rd parties already. This move seems like a surprise as Microsoft’s Xbox Music is not that well received as a music service even by windows phone fans and may still need to catch up to Nokia MixRadio.

Seems, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella found the idea of slow transition of feature phone / Asha users to Windows Phone too unrealistic. Anyways, this may help Google a lot with their efforts in pushing “Android One” devices.

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  • asf

    Hey JLIT99,

    Nokia lost something in the process – some 300 billion $ of company value 😉

    It’s a long way back to the top.

  • sdd

    They bought it so Nokia wouldn’t go android.

    But this was Ballmers decision. Nadella was against it. Not the opponents gained the upper hand and are killing of Nokia Devices.

    They’ll be left with sht like the surface tab as they don’t have the one important ingrident to produce a successful phone – love and integrity.

  • JLIT99

    It’s not going to happen any time soon, although this is the perfect time for the real Nokia to partner with Google, and enter the market with a HERE-branded Android One handset..

    The Asha range was very interesting, because it ran an OS that could run on hugely outdated mobile specs, such as 256MB ram. It could have been used as a weapon against the $25 Firefox OS handsets that are coming to the market. But alas, Microsoft is wedded to Windows 😉

    • Maybe they are getting crazy for profits or else the motive is to only sell WP or Microsoft Services. What i really feel here is that the retail partners will quit. Nokia Priority Stores will close and it will get even harder to sell a Lumia 😛

      And somebody tell me why did they purchase Nokia then? Just for the Lumia? :/ The Lumia which will be hard to sell without the Nokia brand? LOL
      Stupidity at its best. Next target “Discontinue Windows phone” 😀

      • JLIT99

        You’re right. The retail partners who have just invested all of their time pushing the Nokia X will not be pleased when they find out they have wasted their time (as will consumers, who will have unmaintained devices).

        I think that Nokia is the real winner here. Microsoft clearly just wanted the Lumia division, but Nokia managed to force them to buy everything, including the feature phone division. Nokia has a chance to start afresh using the Nokia brand, as if they didn’t loose anything in the first place!

        • Nokia definitely is the winner. It managed to quit the Mobile Phone market at the perfect time getting enough of cash for it’s assets.
          But IMO, there is no need to enter the Mobile Phone market again anymore. The profits of all the OEMs are declining. Even Samsung (after all that advertising) is facing poor sales of its devices due to stiff competition from the Chinese market. Devices such as One Plus One and Mi3 come with powerful specs and at bargain prices that the standard OEMs cannot compete.

          So, it is better to stay away from the Mobile Market until it saturates and the loss making OEMs quit. There is a lot more to produce and Nokia surely is looking into the future. Android One is not a full solution to this. If I were at their seat, I’d wait and work on the services offering. Offer some amazing services that the customers crave for more from you!