Time for Lumia 920 reviews to pour in. First up is The Verge’s review. They have given a final score of 7.9/10 to Lumia 920 and considering the fact that they have rated Ecosystem abysmally low to 5, it is a respectable score. Lumia 920 fetches 8 for Design, 9 for Display, 8 for both the cameras and 9 for performance so clearly the lowering of overall score has something to do with 5 for Ecosystem. Though this is much harsh to only consider only no. of applications as a measure of Ecosystem when out of huge number of iOS and Android apps, most of them are never downloaded. Also the too heavy and bulky rant is out of our understanding as it hardly some 30-40 gms than other Flagships and feels much solid and premium due to that. Also, for that weight you get many innovations available only on Lumia 920.

Anyways they conclude their review like this,

The Lumia 920’s hardware and design is top-notch, the screen is lovely, and the camera is a marvel in low light — but you can’t ignore just how big and bulky the phone is. The software and hardware tradeoffs inherent in the Lumia 920 could be worth it if you’ve bought into the Microsoft ecosystem, but for most people I don’t think it’s a sure bet.

Great to see Lumia 920 getting praised from harshest of the Nokia phone critics :).

Catch the video review by The Verge below or click here,