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The Nokia 808 Garage Band Challenge: Humanwires Part I and Part II.


If you want to feel how good 808 PureView’s Rich-recording is at handling “Garage recording” by Bands, then you are about to be treated with two innovatively recorded videos using 808 PureView by “Humanwires“. Just read the description given for the videos and then be ready to be impressed with the audio recording capability of the “Multimedia powerhouse” called 808 PureView.

Part I:

We wanted to know how well the Nokia 808 Pureview can handle loud sounds in a not-so-friendly sound environment (also known as a garage), so we took one of our songs and recorded every instrument individually with the phone and compiled the audio tracks together. The result is yours to listen. The only processing we did to the audio tracks was compression and a low-cut EQ to the vocal track which means that what you are hearing is pretty much as it was recorded by the phone.

We also put a short clip of the studio version of this song about half way through the video so you can hear what the original piece sounds like. It is, of course, quite a bit clearer since it was recorded in a controlled environment with professional studio gear.

All in all we think the result is pretty good considering the fact that it is recorded with a phone. Our curious minds would like to know what kind of results one could achieve in a professional studio environment with this thing. Maybe there is some brave studio engineer up for the task…


Part II:

We also wanted to find out how well the Nokia 808 performs when the whole band is playing. This is, of course, a bit more challenging situation since there is a lot more happening and everything is recorded to the same audio track.

We think the phone handled all the sounds pretty well. We didn’t hear any distortion in the original audio track and all the instruments can be distinguished from each other (although the drums dominate a bit but that’s not the phone’s fault). Compression was added to the audio track afterwards but nothing else.

The awesome explosion animation in the intro is fromhttp://wrathgames.com/blog


Via our Twitter friend and passionate 808 PureView fan @EasycapExpertti. Source article.

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