The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree pp of the day is The Metal Guys’ Escape. This is  a 2D game for windows phone, windows store, other OS set in one of the most colorful world 2D gaming has ever seen.

The Metal Guys’ Escape Description:

Our metal guy has just escaped from the experimenting facility where he was kept and subjected to several hardships. Now he is on the loose and on the run. Take the role of this lovable metal guy and jump, slide, disappear and shoot your way through some of the most daunting hurdles and enemies as you make you way to the spaceship which will rescue you and get you to your home planet. This is more or less a prototype and future updates will see several game modes, enemies and power-ups added into the game. Free, no ads, pure fun!


1. beautiful and colorful game environment

2. best in class audio

3. fast paced, great for casual gaming

4. shoot, jump or disappear? Ultimate test of your reflexes

5. updates coming soon which will introduce 3 new kinds of obstacles, 2 new game modes, 2 new weapons

Download it now. Today this app is free!!!!

[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrdhq01#]