e310be08-3eb5-4741-af67-427806d58518The Windows Phone game, which has gone free next as myAppFree  app of the day is The Light Game.

The Light Game Details:

Is your finger quick enough? Keep it on the light and jump when needed. So simple and so fun. Truly addictive! The game never ends and the speed increases over time till the speed of light. Are you up to the challenge?

Version 2 includes penalties, bombs, score bonuses, energy bonuses, total energy bonuses, speed bonuses, enlarge light bonuses and invulnerability. All of this for a greater fun!

Version 2.5 fixes few bugs, improves collision detection with the bomb and offer the ability to play again at the end of the game and share the score on Facebook and Twitter. The new help system helps new users to quickly learn how to play the game.

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