When Nokia announced Lumia 820, it did explain that it will have interchangeable shells in many colors and these shells will bring features like “wireless charging” to the device. Today, Nokia has gone to length in describing what functionality and features will be enabled by using these interchangeable shells.

According to Nokia, these interchangeable shells are more than plastic covers. They activate the wireless charging function or protect your phone if you’re more of an active user. Each one is created to suit a person’s different needs without the need to change your phone.



Standard shell:

When you buy a Nokia Lumia 820 you’ll receive a standard shell in the box, made from the PC/ABS material, which  has been ddeveloped to make the shells easy to clip on and off and remain strong at the same time – they allow for easy removal whenever needed. And the colours aren’t just painted on; they are inherent in the material just like the unibody polycarbonate body of Lumia 800/900/920.High gloss colours available are red, yellow, cyan, purple, and white. Matte colours are grey and black.

Wireless Charging Shell:

To take advantage of the wireless charging function you’ll need to purchase the Wireless Charging shell. With this connected to your Lumia 820, you can place your phone on a Nokia Wireless Charging Plate, Nokia Wireless Charging Stand, the Fatboy™ Recharge Pillow, or the JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker. These are available in five matte colours: white, yellow, black, red and cyan – all matte and made from PC/ABS.

Ruggedized  Shell:

If you have a more active life-style or just want to make sure your phone is protected at any point, there is a ruggedized shell too. Rather than using a solid, rigid, plastic case like you find on some other phones, this protective shell is built to protect all parts of the phone without making it too bulky. It’s the same width and same length as the other shells, but only a fraction thicker.

This softer shell is also made from PC/ABS but has another rubber-like material around the front and the edges. It covers the back, as you’d expect but also stretches around the front slightly to protect the edges of the screen and the corners – the most at risk area if you drop your phone. These will be available in matte yellow, green and orange with a black TPU trim.