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A recent TCS survey in India has sought to find out the digital life trend in “Post-Millennial” or high-school goers in India. According to the survey, this generation takes communication over social networks like Facebook and Twitter and instant messaging modes like Whatsapp to newer extremes. Nearly 70% of them own smartphones!!

The findings of India’s largest survey of nearly 17,500 high school students across 14 Indian cities – the first such survey of an exclusive Post-Millennial audience – reveals that smart devices and unprecedented levels of online access are making this generation the most connected yet. This is changing the way they communicate with each other and transforming both their academic and social lives.

So, while feature phone dominant market of India is slowly adopting smartphones like never before and these Post-Millennial will be the one driving the smartphone adoption in coming years.


Now, great news for Nokia is that even in this generation its “Brand desirability” has been found to be pretty high. While it is second to Samsung but the survey was about both Tablets and smartphones and if we only talk about smartphones only, may be Nokia has the lead.

Brand is In: The new generation also is as clued into brands are the Millennials before them, if not more. Top mobile/tablet brands are not too far apart in terms of desirability both for respondents in metros and mini metros. Preferred electronic devices in order of preference include the following:

Samsung (48.28 percent)\

Nokia (46.46 percent)

Apple (39.56 percent)

HTC (36.54 percent)

Nokia always had a very strong band presence in India and while it is good to see them enjoying that recognition with the new generation as well, it still needs to work a lot to maintain and enhance it. As India will slowly emerge as the next biggest smartphone market in the world, Nokia certainly needs to have a big pie of it.


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