Good news finally !! Tango update will start rolling out globally for Lumia 800 and 710 from 27th June. This latest version of the Lumia firmware has been on NaviFirm for a long time and brings many new features like,

  • Tethering/Internet sharing
  • Flip-to-Silence
  • Media streaming from your phone.

Many other new Apps are also coming to Lumia devices over next few weeks. Contact Share and Counters will in Marketplace for China by June 22nd. It will be available for all other countries by July. PlayTo will be in Marketplace globally by June 22nd.

Contact Share:

This new application is a quick and easy way of sharing your contacts via SMS or email. This was a sorely lacking feature from WP7.5 OS.

Contact Share screenshot


Counters is an innovative way of monitoring your Lumia usage and even setting up limits. This is particularly useful where you have call-time or data allowances from your operator and to make sure you do not incur extra costs.


PlayTo will allow you to share pictures, videos and music from your Lumia smartphone to other DLNA –enabled devices on your network.

PlayTo screenshot

Zynga Games:

Zynga’s world-beating games like Words With Friends and Draw Something are coming to Lumia now. For a couple of months after launch, both these games will be available in the Nokia Collection before releasing generally on Windows Phone Marketplace.

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