MS NokiaTaiwan’s FTC ( Fair Trade commission ) has approved the Microsoft-Nokia deal but has sought to assuage the apprehensions of Local manufacturers about Microsoft and Nokia rising patent licensing fees post deal approval. FTC has added two riders for deal approval. First rider forces Microsoft not to hike licensing fees post deal in order to persuade them to adopt Windows Phone over Android. Second rider is about Nokia’s SEP or standard essential patents and Nokia should continue licensing them under FRAND terms.

So the FTC decided in combination with additional burden requiring Microsoft not from smart mobile device-related patent licensing for wrong prices or differential treatment, preventing intelligent mobile devices manufacturers free to choose the operating system.

FTC decided in combination with additional burden requiring Nokia authorised by standards essential patents, and shall continue to comply with fair, reasonable, and non-discrimination (FRAND) principles. Nokia standards essential patents and other services, should ensure that the assignee, where authorized, to observe the above principles.

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