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POV: Apple’s catch-up bid & that ugly “Watch”. Nokia, you have an opportunity here!!

 So, Apple's latest lineup has been unleashed and like many of you it just leaves us, unimpressed!! iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are perhaps the biggest catch ups done by a so-called leading smartphone...

Video of Nokia’s concept Smart watch “Facet” with multiple displays leaked!!

Video of Nokia's concept smart watch with as many as six displays has been leaked :). These kind of crazily innovative ideas usually come from Nokia, but many of them remain unimplemented sadly!!  Coming...

Rumor: #Nokia building #HTML5 platform based on “Here maps” to power smart wearbale devices.

Nokia has been planning something big in field of smart wearable devices according to some of our sources and a no. of patents for wearable smart glass provide some evidence. We have exclusively covered...

Smart Watch bearing #Nokia brand leaks in pictures.

This will be awesome, if true. Photos of smart watch bearing Nokia branding has been leaked in China. It looks like made up of polycarbonate and actually the photos don't reveal much not even...

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