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Nokia launches the first Digital assistant “MIKA” for Telco operators

Nokia has launched the first digital assistant for Telco operators. The voice assistant is called MIKA which stands for 'Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant'. It aids engineers' efficiency by providing voice-activated access to information. This...

Is Nokia planning a voice-assistant for HERE’s automotive products

It may look bit far-fetched but it is not impossible. Nokia acquired Desti, a spin-off from the team behind popular iPhone's assistant SIRI and it led to speculation that Nokia may be planning to...

Fitbit gets major update. First ever voice- assistant intergation on any platform.

Fitbit app for windows phone has received a major update. The update brings integration with Cortana which  is first for any platform (voice-assistant integration). It also brings many other new features. Changelog: - Challenges - Cortana Beta - New in-app Cortana experience -...

Cortana already enjoying lots of mind-share. Jimmy Fallon thinks it’s released!

Cortana, the yet to be released Windows Phone voice-assistant is already enjoying lots of mind-share. To the extent that Jimmy Fallon thinks it's released and pens a 'Thanks You' note to Microsoft for releasing...

Microsoft buys stake in Foursquare for powering Cortana for Windows Phone.

A report from Bloomberg reconfirms that Microsoft is indeed bringing voice-assistant named Cortana to Windows Phone. The other bit from the report says that the recent investment of $15 million that Microsoft made in...

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