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Lumia 530 vs Lumia 525: Music quality comparison & Display Test ( Video streaming)

We are now in the last leg of putting Lumia 530 through its paces and will come up with its camera impressions and full review soon. Here in this video, we have compared music output...

Nokia planning 5G test networks early next year in Finland

  Not only HERE and Nokia Technologies, but the highly profitable Nokia Networks, too, is a proven innovation leader in its field. It is living up to its credentials yet again by leading everyone towards...

Lumia 630 Display test, Gaming & Motion Data hands-on. Compared to Lumia 525.

In this video, we have tried to do a hands-on comparison and demo of Lumia 630's display. The other device used in the comparison is Lumia 525. Not only we stream video on both...

Lumia 530 vs Lumia 630: Speed (performance) test ( Battle of Quad-cores)

This is to find out how the latest budget Lumia devices Lumia 530 and Lumia 630 compare to each other in terms of performance and speed to execute common tasks like opening store, browsing,...

Lumia 530 vs Lumia 525: Speed (performance) test

This is to find out whether the latest entry-level Lumia 530 offers any performance advantage over one of the best budget smartphones ever, the Lumia 525. Lumia 525 has one advantage over Lumia 530...

Quad-Core vs 1 GB RAM: Lumia 630 vs Lumia 525 speed (performance) test

This is to find out whether the successor Lumia 630 offers any performance advantage over one of its predecessors Lumia 525. Lumia 525 has one advantage over Lumia 630 in form of 1 GB...

Lumia 930 screen test: Playing Fruit Ninja with Knife.

Lumia 930 has the Nokia quality hardware build and with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for display protection the screen should be able to take abuses and accidents in stride. So, the video we are...

Nokia XL display test. Video watching and gaming hands-on

  We will be posting Nokia XL full review in coming days. For now we are just demoing how things like video watching and gaming looks like on the 5-inch display, the largest in Nokia...

Lumia 2520 Display Test Video

For this video I pulled up a sample 1080p video from youtube, and played it on the Lumia 2520.  This video is recorded in 1080p so you can see it just as crisp as...

Nokia Camera vs Nokia Camera Beta: Picture Test on Lumia Icon

After testing these two next to each other, it is clear that the apps perform as close as two camera apps can perform to each other.

Windows Phone 8.1 speed test featuring a Lumia 822 and a Lumia Icon

Windows Phone 8.1, if you do not already have it yet then please check out our article on getting the developer preview and get it.  Windows Phone 8.1 is a big step up from...

Lumia 1520 aces “Blind camera test” beating the Flagship competitors.

PhoneArena decided to pit Lumia 1520 against the flagship competition in a "Blind camera test". It shared many sets of similar images captured with as many as Nine smartphones and asked its readers to...

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