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Nokia 5.3 (TA-1223/TA-1229) reveals its internals, as it passes FCC certification

Nokia 5.3 TA-1223/TA-1229 variant has passed the FCC certification thereby making its launch possible in the US. The certification confirms that it will support LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 66 in...

Nokia 5.2(?) variants TA-1223, TA-1227, TA-1229 appear in Wi-Fi certification with Snapdragon 660/665 processor...

In what appears to be the pre-launch preparation for Nokia 5.2 (most probably), three variants of the earlier leaked TA-1234 have appeared in Wi-Fi certification. TA-1223, TA-1227, TA-1229 have appeared with the same specs...


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