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Nokia 9 PureView (TA-1082) & Nokia 2.1 Plus (TA-1136) passed European GCF certification in...

As we reach closer to February 24, upcoming Nokia smartphones and accessories have started appearing in various certifications. This time we checked and found two new Nokia smartphones Nokia 9 PureView (TA-1082) & Nokia...

Nokia 9 Pureview (TA-1087) at FCC reveals variants, design and more

Nokia 9 PureView variant TA-1087 has passed certification at FCC today also revealing details about its two other variants TA-1082 and TA-1094. It seems that TA-1082 is the Single SIM global variant of Nokia...

Nokia 9 Pureview variants TA-1094, TA-1082 & TA-1087 appear in Bluetooth certification

Nokia 9 Pureview may be heading for its imminent release soon as its three variants TA-1094, TA-1082 & TA-1087 have passed Bluetooth certification. You may remember the TA-1094 variant that was spotted on the Nokia...


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