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Microsoft brings “SnapChat” competitor “WindUp” to Windows Phone

Well seems, Microsoft has also taken inspiration from Snapchat to develop and bring a competitor app named "WindUp" to Windows Phone store. It pretty much does the same thing as SnapChat. One can send...

6snap gets 3.0 update which includes Snapchat Messaging

Just a few weeks ago snapchat announced they would be adding a chat feature to their app.  So you can assume that 6snap's developer Rudy Huyn started to work on adding these features to...

6Snap 3.0 Beta install link. Comes with SnapChat chat feature

6Snap 3.0 Beta link has been made public and this Beta has the teased Chat feature of SnapChat. It may obviously have bugs and you can't run the stable store version and this Beta...

Screenshot reveals upcoming 6Snap chat feature UI

Rudy Huyn, the developer behind apps like 6tag, 6Sec and 6Snap has posted a screenshot revealing the new chat feature of 6Snap. He had earlier confirmed working on bringing the SnapChat's chat feature to...

6Snap to get new Chat feature soon, confirms Rudy Huyn

While Joe Belfiore has mentioned talking to SnapChat for the official Windows Phone app, with Rudy Huyn around, you mayn't miss it so much. While 6Snap is all the way awesome app, Rudy has...

6snap updated with screenshot support.

  6snap, the awesome fully-featured SnapChat client from Rudy Huyn has been updated with a much in-demand feature. Yes, the latest update brings screenshot capture support, but it still will be ruled by SnapChat guidelines....

6tindr teased with a screenshot. 6snap sees update with draw on videos & more.

Rudy Hyun, the developer behind wildly successful 6tag and 6snap apps for Windows Phone has teased about a Tinder app before. Today, he has sort of confirmed the name of app as "6tindr" and...

6snap gets updated with new video encoding, big font & more.

The latest 6snap update brings many interesting new features. Two of these new features are related to Snapchat videos and now one can see big fonts with the video, which looks like a nice...

6snap updated with new Snapchat features.

6snap, the only fully featured Snapchat application for Windows Phone has been updated to version 2.0. The latest update adds Snapchat's new features like replaying old snapchats and others to the application. As you...

6snap updated to 1.2

6snap is Rudy Huyn's snapchat client, and if you do not already have it than you are missing out.  The new 1.2 update brings several new and improved features to popular snapchat client. includes all...

6snap now available!

Rudy Huyn's snapchat client app is now available through the windows phone store.  Rudy has also developed other unofficial client apps such as 6tag and 6sec, to replace that lack of instagram and vine,...

Snapback(snapchat client) Review

  As a windows phone 8 user for coming up on a year snapchat is always something that my friends with iOS and android always had over me was snapchat.  They were always sending their...

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